Thursday, 17 April 2014


Newlook - £39.99

Last Saturday I found my self looming in front of my wardrobe just gazing in and telling myself that I have nothing to wear, I kept opening and closing the doors like every time I reopened I would magically find something new. Unfortunately as you would expect, this did not happen and I was left knowing that I had nothing to wear for my friends 21st that night. Now of course I did have something, but it seems when you know you need to have a decent outfit, somehow you turn into a complete pessimist and automatically decide you hate everything. In a frantic panic I ran to the shops in the hope of finding something faabbbuuuloouuss and that I did, with these babys from Newlook! However still no outfit to go with it, just wearing the shoes and nothing else wasn't a option as its far too cold and I don't think the mother would approve.  I dragged myself back home adamant that I was doomed and would have to wear my standard night out black dress and belt combo 'uhh shudder at the thought' until i opened my wardrobe one last time and found my  floral suit! Angels sang and my room lit up with light (Okay slightly exaggerating) completely forgot I had it! Ill do a outfit post on it soon :)

How was your weekend? Are you enjoying your Easter break?

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014


There's something about spring that I cant help but express fondness for, the new beginnings bring around change and with change comes excitement. My style is one of many things that has altered lately, maybe im being influenced by the ever changing landscapes around me, the numerous fields of flowers and varying shades of blossom in the trees but colour is making a swift comeback into my wardrobe. This knitted top was one of my 1st spring purchases, I spotted it in Topshop and quickly made a grab and dash towards the till, as soon as I saw it nostalgic feelings of a era fulled by rock n roll and milkshake diners came to mind.
This skirt was a unexpected purchase, I was frantically running around shopping for a outfit for my friends birthday when I saw it out of the corner of my eye in Primark,  I cant help but fill drawn to print as well, must be all this spring air.
So for now to complete this get up all i need is a Chuck Berry vinyl and some dancing shoes and i'm good to go... 

Topshop - Top
Primark - Skirt
Primark - Belt
Topshop - Boots

I have a few more ways to style this skirt which I cant wait to show you, 
How would you style it? 


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Monday, 7 April 2014


Its that time of the year again, where you girls and boys spend hours searching the internet and stalking the shops to find the perfect look for prom, luckily for you Beyond Retro have a amazing collection of vintage one off pieces which will guarantee you belle of the ball status. 
Attending a all girls school I wasn't lucky enough to get a prom, so being asked to model some looks for it was a dream come true. I was in safe hands when it came to looking the part, with Naomi as the stylist, Tabby on makeup and Roger on hair and  the lovely Hollie taking our pictures! With this posse of uber talented people I felt ready to take on prom... Do you reckon someone could sneak me in?

The gorgeous Ellie clashes this beautiful blue gown with a quirky denim jacket kitted out with various gemstones. I love the bold juxtaposition and I love the idea of wearing converse with the dress, perfect for making it through a whole evening of dancing! 

The beautiful Maddy dresses as 'the anti prom' showing you that you don't have to dress a certain way to make a impact on prom! Chunky Doc Martens pair down nicely with a rara skirt, add the edgy fishnets and lace gloves and your on to a real showstopper.  

I love this dress so much, the chiffon over lay and the bishop sleeves work so well with the colour tones, its given a extra bit of oomph by adding a petticoat underneath. Paired with a playful pair of yellow heels its definitely one to turn a few heads.

What ever your tastes or personality you'll find something to suit your needs, I hope all of you who are attending prom this year have a fantastic time, whatever look you end up wearing.
You can shop all the looks over at: Beyond Retro

Photography: Hollie Fernando - Website  / Instagram @Holliefernando
MUA: Tabby Casto - Website / Twitter / Instagram @Tabbyfa / Tabby used MAC cosmetics
Hair: Roger Cho - Website  / Facebook / Instagram @Rogercho2000
Stylist: Naomi Rowland (Twoshoesonepair) - Website / Facebook / Instagram @Naomirowland
Ellie Connor Phillips (Rose and Vintage) - Website - Twitter - Instagram @Elliecp_
Maddy Killick (Fashion Obscura) - Website - Twitter - Instagram @Fashionobscura

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Saturday, 5 April 2014


Hello my lovelies! I hope your all enjoying your weekend and are managing to catch some of the sunshine,

I just want to thank you all for your kind words towards my little blog, I've had such positive feedback and I would of never imagined it getting as much love as It has. I am not a photographer at all, I have no Idea what i'm doing and neither does my fiancee who helps take my photos as well, however I'm so glad you all are enjoying them, I put so much effort into scouting for locations for the shoots and taking the photos and editing them (Something I also have no idea how to do!) But i'm absolutely loving the challenge and looking forward to teaching myself some new skills and moving this blog on to some bigger things.

H&M - Hat
Rokit - Dress
Topshop - Boots

Ever since I did the #weekinvintage with Beyond retro I haven't been able to get vintage clothes out of my brain, this dress caught my eye a couple of weeks ago whilst I was shopping in brick lane, I saw it through the store window it was reduce to £11! Yes it needed a bit of TLC but i have no problem wacking out my sewing kit and reviving it back to life. I tried it on and couldn't believe that it fitted me so well, so naturally I had to buy it aha!
I've not been able to take this hat of either, I really must invest in more hats, I never really were them apart from a beanie in the winter, but for some reason all this sunshine's making me want to don one. 

I've had a major stressful week auditioning for Drama schools So reading and talking to all you lovelies has been so nice, Thank you again everyone for taking the time to follow my blog and leaving your comments whether its via twitter / instagram I love reading them all and I really appreciate all your feedback!


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Friday, 28 March 2014


TOSHOP - Skirt
TOPSHOP - Tee (Similar)
Zara - Coat (Similar)
Zara - Shirt
Zara - Boots

Today consisted of a lot of running around Brick lane and tons of tube journeys, so naturally I made myself as uncomfortable as possible by wearing heels and a skirt #diditfortheblog
I'm loving gingham atm all thanks to Topshops massive selection of the checked stuff, seriously trying to control myself and limit the amount of it I can buy, don't want to end up looking like I've had a run in with a peeved textiles student..
I paired it down with a basic white tee with the sleeves rolled up to give it a tougher look and then threw on my leather jacket and mixed the print up with a contrasting checked shirt. After all the running about I took 5 minutes to try out the legendary 'Brick lane salt beef bagels' I was not disappointed! The legends were indeed true and will now be on my radar every time I hit Brick lane, Yummmy!

What are you favorite food spots in Brick Lane? 


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