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Monday, 23 May 2016

A Day With Dre: Pet Vlog

Go Pro Dog Vlogging Strap

Bonjour! Long time no speak. Sorry to leave you hanging for so long (and to leave you staring at that bloomin' Christmas dress post) university really took over my life these past few months. I'll have to do an update post soon to let you in on whats been happening. But for now, myself, my trusty DLSR and my new Go Pro are back in the blogging biz.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Two Topshop New Year Party Looks

*Knitted Dress Topshop | *Snake Print Heels Topshop | *Pink Clutch Bag Topshop | *Maxi Coat Asos

Aloha! Today's post is a little late, by now your feeds are probably so inundated with pictures of Christmas and New year looks that your retinas have probably voluntarily detached. I'm sorry, this post is no different, expect well my dress kinda resembles R2D2...

 I've got two looks for you today as I'm just a super productive little butterfly like that (Oh I wish that was true) so plug your retinas back in and get a load of my freshly bronzed pins... lol, yes I fake tanned in the first lot of photos and yes I instantly regretted it, Vive la Ginger!

Monday, 7 December 2015

HP Lounge With Years & Years

Years and Years Olly Alexander Gig
KOKO Camden Live Music Venue

Why hello there! So today's post is a little bit different,  last week I was invited down to Koko In Camden to watch a gig with Years and Years (I know right, I bloomin' love 'em) and for an early Christmas treat I got my mum to tag along, she's a bigger fan than I am and has proudly sported them as her alarm clock for the past year... bless.

The venue was a stones throw away from Mornington Crescent, so mumma owl and I tubed it in, the venue was so ornate with huge chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and quite small so it felt really intimate, the gig was sponsored by HP Lounge and the new Star wars film, so when we arrived at the venue we were immediately greeted by Starwars characters, naturally I grabbed a quick picture moment - I'd share the image but my poses are cheesier than brie, no seriously there's a peace sign and everything

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The Bobble Hat Is Back

Oversized Maxi Coat Asos

*Maxi Coat Asos | *Khaki Midi Dress Asos | *Ankle Boots Asos | Bobble Hat Primark | *Radley Portman Bag | Gold Bracelet Moxham

 • • • • • • •

Guten tag! Today's post, despite what my misleading bobble hat title says is actually a post in collaboration with Asos as part of their 'Be Yourself Workwear' campaign. They asked if I wanted to style my perfect work-wear look and answer a few questions for them, naturally I took this as the perfect opportunity to get a new coat, hence my new rather jazzy look maxi coat which I've barely removed from my shoulders since it arrived. I also got some fancy new shiny shoes which instantly make my work days just that little bit more exciting. 

Caution: There may or may not be a ton of bitch face in these photos, I'm sorry my face only seems to have one expression, soz bbz.
Monday, 30 November 2015

Betty's Christmas Hamper

Ill admit it, I'm a ginormous fan of Christmas but you'll probably already have guessed that from my premature Christmas post that I did way back on the 13th where I embarrassingly already had my decorations up - yup I'm the annoying neighbor with Christmas lights in November. But, Besides from the standard Christmas razz-ma-tazz one of my favourite things about the month of December is the influx of hampers, there's just something about fancy foods being wrapped up in pretty packaging that just speaks to my inner Martha Stewert

Being a broke student I often resort to making my own hampers so when Betty's asked if I wanted one of their Christmas Hat Boxes I let out a little squeal, I felt so suave when it arrived. it's just so bloomin' fancy, 10 x better than my last minute bodge jobs. Also, It couldn't have arrived at a better time, I'm under so much stress with university lately so having a nice little hamper to dip into has been a real treat, thanks Betty's.