Saturday, 26 July 2014

OUTFIT: City Getaway

Primark White Pleated Midi Skirt - Topshop Stripe Bardot - Asos Leather Belt  - Primark Birkenstock Dupes - H&M Burgandy Fedora

On Monday I'm heading off to Amsterdam for 3 days with Mr Wells, I've never been, I'm so excited! I've compiled a list of all the Things I want to Do/See - My need for list making has reached new (Slightly Worrying) heights this thing is a work of art! 
I'm planning on hunting down the best pancakes in town and checking out as many vintage stores and markets as I humanly can (Well as many as Joe can tolerate) oh and I'm also going to try and vlog it all, which I'm slightly nervous about, the thought of walking around with a camera in my face seems abit alien to me.. nonetheless Ill try it out for you guys! 

Any recommendations of things to do / see? 
- Charlotte
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Friday, 25 July 2014

BEAUTY: Directions Alpine Green

My hair has been subjected to numerous experiments over the years, from dying it to weird and wonderful colours, to bleaching the life out of it and even once perming it so tightly I resembled a 80's footballer. A few years ago I made my peace with it and decided to go completely natural I cut all my hair off stripped the remaining colour out and just let it grow, a long and arduous task but well worth it. But recently I've grown tired of the same hair day in day out  and decided to give it a bit of colour but in a way that it wouldn't damage my hair and put me straight back to square one.

The first time I used Directions was back in 2010, I dyed my hair bright red and when I say bright I mean I bared a family resemblance to a certain famous clown. But I had bleached it prior to get that shade, which really damaged my hair. So I decided to see what would happen if I used it just on my natural locks.

What You Need:
- Clips
- Gloves
Directions Hair Dye - I used Alpine Green
- Colour Brush & Bowl (Optional)

1. Make sure you don't have any product In your hair, If there is wash it with a Ph Netural shampoo - Like this one from Simple.
2. Clip up the top section of your hair and apply it half way up, make sure there's not a straight line of the new colour, you want it to blend.
3. Let more hair down and repeat the process until all sections are covered.
4. Leave for 15 mins and wash out ( Use a dark towel it stains! )

I'm so happy with the end result, I really wasn't expecting it to take so well to my natural hair but its come out really bright with different shades of green. Its semi-permanent so its meant to wash out within 4 - 6 weeks - I might try another shade next time ooooh its so exciting, what colour shall I go next?

What do you think?
- Charlotte
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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

OUTFIT: Channeling Twiggy

c/o WalG Lace Collar Dress - Asos Cat Eye Sunglasses - White Head Scarf - Zara Leather Zip Jacket - Primark White Sandals

Have any of you been watching Dawn O'Porters 'This Old Thing' on channel 4? I've been obsessed ever since it aired, however I must admit my frustration every time I hear one of the guest being given a makeover regard all vintage clothing to be 'smelly' and that someone must have died wearing it - The urge to jump up and fly kick the screen does wave over me...
Dawn's love of the sixties must be contagious as I've been lusting after shift dresses and mini skirts ever since the first episode and without even realizing it she has inspired this look.

- Charlotte
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Monday, 21 July 2014

ETC: Giambattista Valli

Daydreaming the day away of couture but awakening to find myself wearing tracksuit bottoms and whatever tops clean, I'm sure I'm not the outcome of what Giambattista Valli envisaged when he created his Fall 2014 couture collection, but the morning after shades and easy going rolled up pyjama trousers spoke to me. If you follow me on twitter you would have undoubtedly seen my numerous raves and praises about the show, the gentle silk white head scarfs paired with rimmed retro sunglasses had an old school Hollywood glamour to them but paired with crisp white shirts and over embellished floral gowns creates something entirely modern and oh so desirable.

- Charlotte
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Saturday, 19 July 2014

DIY: The Geometric Wall

Ikea Mirror - Ikea Chair - DIY Throw -

My makeup area was in desperate need of sprucing up, I don't have room for a makeup desk and I really didn't want to put another shelf up, honestly I've gone floating shelf mad. So I Improvised with a long mirror from.. wait.. you guessed it Ikea! Paired with a fold out chair and a stall and I've got myself a quaint yet perfectly usable makeup area. 
Also out of sheer laziness and pure unwilling to put pictures up I crafted this geometric pattern out of some electrical tape I had lying around, I've been obsessed with abstract lines lately, well any lines in general my living room is stripe central. I then added my latest DIY a pom pom throw to my chair to give it a little bit more life. What do you think?

- Charlotte
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Friday, 18 July 2014

OUTFIT: One Dress Three Ways (Part 3)

c/o Dahlia Lace Skater Dress - Asos Leather Waist Belt - Topshop Fluffy Jacket - H&M Fedora Hat (Similar) - Topshop Cut out Boots

So here it is my third and final installment of One Dress Three Ways, I've really enjoyed this challenge, its something I try to do with all my clothes so I can get the most use out of them, I always ask myself what I can pair an item with before I make any purchase, this way it wont just end up gathering dust in the forgotten part of the wardrobe, which we all know eventually leads to the drawer and then suddenly its banished to the loft never to be seen again.. well until the following year when your mum insist its time for it to be sold but you refuse to let it go as it still has the tags on. Okay maybe this has happened to me on a few occasions but since I've stuck by my mantra it hasn't happened again, until the sales happen, then I start making impulse buys. I cant help it I'm drawn in by shiny pretty things.

- Charlotte
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